ACS is a comprehensive database made up of multiple programs.  This is your quick glance view at  which programs are which and what they each do.

OnDemandOn Demand

OnDemand is your basic launch pad.  This is the program that most administrative users will access daily either through their computer’s start menu, or by selecting the ACS icon on their computer. Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 11.36.40 AMEach department has a unique log in for OnDemand. The OnDemand log in does expire every few months so if you are asked to update your password, let all other department users know of the new password. From OnDemand, users can:

Additionally, People Suite users can download the Church Life app for their phones which allows users access to look up contact information within People Suite.

People Suite

People Suite is the big brains of our database, well sort of.  It’s the hub where we store the data for each individual who calls Westover home, as well as the information for different classes and groups. Each individual user of People Suite has their own private log in and password. Within People Suite, you’ll track details that help us measure involvement and spiritual health and help us build community.  This may include:

  • Updating group rosters
  • Updating individual’s contact information
  • Tracking attendance
  • Running reports

Facility Scheduler

Facility Scheduler is our massive calendaring system. It makes relatively simple work of managing an huge facility with many, many facets.  Each individual user of Facility Scheduler has their own private log in and password. Through Facility Scheduler users will:

  • Create, maintain and edit room reservations
  • Request resources such as TV carts, extra tables, Mini bus use
  • Create event registrations (registrations are linked to the room reservation)
  • Research room usage and availability

Access ACS (MyWestover)

Access ACS is a portal into both People Suite & Facility Scheduler that allows congregation members (members), lay leaders and staff to to access necessary information.  We call Access ACS by the name MyWestover to the congregation. Each individual user of Access ACS/MyWestover has their own log in and password, as well as individual user rights (a member only has access to his or her information, a group leader only has access to their groups information, and staff have access to additional tools).

In MyWestover, members can:

  • Update their own personal family information
  • Register for events and activities for themselves or members of their household as well as guests.
  • Make an online contribution
  • Pay balances due on registrations

Lay Leaders can:

  • Do the same as members
  • View groups they are leaders for
  • Send emails to the group or to individuals
  • Look up group member phone numbers
  • Record & view attendance
  • Work through “connections”

Staff can:

  • Do the same as members & Lay Leaders
  • Search for individuals and families via the directory
  • Set up and/or edit some facility requests and their associated registrations
  • View & manage event registrations
  • Export answers to event registration questions
  • Update and maintain event registration payments
  • Export event reports and data