There are a few different ways to extract data from event registrations… in this post, we’ll be talking about exporting all information including answers to registration questions.

Pulling data from event registrations is a simple process, so long as you know what information you’re looking for.

  1. Log into Access ACS
  2. Click on Reports
  3. Choose Event Reports
  4. Select the Export tab
  5. Select your event – don’t hesitate to narrow the events by “future” in which case you’ll only see current registration options
  6. Select the data you’d like to export
    1. Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 9.22.54 AMAlways choose names so you know the WHO portion of each registration
    2. If you’re looking for ages, the “age” option will export the age if the person’s DOB is already in ACS AND they logged in with their password. If this information is not in ACS or they did not log in, you can still calculate their age if you required them to enter a birthdate
    3. If you’re looking to separate lists
      by sub events, be sure to select Sub-event Cost under the Cost column.
    4. If you’re unsure what you need – you can select all of reach of the three columns then delete the data you do not need on your export.
  7. Choose Export to Excel

Now you can open your spreadsheet and use the data as you’d like.

For tips on sorting/sifting/utilizing excel data, check out these tutorials:

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