Emailing your registrants is a helpful tool.  You can update registrants on payment information (including deadlines, balances due, how to pay), communicate important event details, and more!

In May 2016 ACS added a feature allowing registrants to add additional email addresses for communication.  This is enormously helpful for youth events. For example, if Mom registers her daughter Kelsey by logging into Mom’s MyWestover account, Kelsey will receive the communication emails.  By adding other emails (a question that is asked automatically) Mom and Dad can also receive the same communication!

There are two ways to email your registrants.

Option 1: Email all registrants for a particular event/activity

Option 2: Filter you’re registrants (do not email registrants who have cancelled, email only registrants of specific registration periods, or sub events, etc.)

Option 1:

To send an email to your registrants:

  1. Log in to Access ACS
  2. Click on Event Set Up
  3. Click on the number of registrants for the event you’d like
  4. Select all (the top check box)
    1. If you’re only sending an email to people w/ payments due, sort your list by the amount due by clicking on “amount due”
    2. Unselect those names with no balance due (if you have only a few people with payments due, do not select all but instead select only those names individually)
  5. Click the “Send E-mail” button
  6. Change the “reply to” email address if necessary
  7. Add a friendly name (such as “Westover Impact)
  8. Write your Subject
  9. In the body of the text either use the existing template (edit it as needed), or write your own email (or select a saved template above the text body and click “Apply”.  Once a template is applied, you can edit it as you choose
  10. Text that has brackets around it such as [[Registrant’s Name]] are merge fields
  11. To add a link to log in and make a payment, use the drop down box at the top/right hand portion of the text box, and Insert “Access ACS Sign In Link”.
    1. You can also choose other merge fields by clicking this drop down
  12. Proofread your email
  13. Send a preview to check for typos and misspellings
  14. Click “Send Message” at the bottom (right)

**Save E-mail allows you to save your email as a template for the future.  Please only use this option when absolutely necessary.

Option 2

To filter who you send your email to:

  1. Log in to Access ACS.
  2. Under the Events menu, click Registrations
  3. Filter your event choices to “All”, “Future” or “Past” events to narrow your selection
  4. Choose the event of which you’re emailing registrants
  5. Narrow your selection on the left hand side:
    1. Check “Registered” if you only want to email those who are registered, or “Balance Due” to only email individuals who owe money toward this event.
    2. Choose the date range of if you’re only emailing people who registered during a specific date range.
    3. Continue to select the filters you’d like
  6. If your event has more registrants than are displayed on the page, set your page to view all
  7. Click the “select all” box at the top of the list
  8. Choose “I want to send an email” – click “Go”
  9. For “Friendly Name” type Westover Church
  10. Type your Subject
  11. Use a template (select the template you’d like and choose Apply) or delete the contents of your email and type out what you’d like to say.
  12. To include a mere field such as the person’s name or balance due, use the merge field insert
  13. Send a preview to yourself to be sure your email looks right
  14. Send your message!

Sending filtered registrant emails