So you’ve got a big retreat coming up.  You’re expecting 180 people who will each be paying $225 to attend.  That’s a lot of money to track – but ACS makes it easy to manage!

The key is getting everyone to register online!

I know… that’s probably an uphill battle for some folks, but don’t worry we have a work around for them..

Once your registrants have logged on and register through MyWestover, you can expect that many of them will have chosen to pay the deposit and will have a balance due.  Sending email reminders to folks is a great way to get people to pay online which will automatically update their accounts.

But there will always be a few folks who want to write a check or pay in cash. That’s not a problem at all! In those instances when someone is not able or unwilling to pay online, smile as you accept their check or cash payment and breathe easy – tracking those payments takes just a moment.

  1. Log in to Access ACS (using your staff log in)
  2. Click on Events // Event Set Up
  3. Find the event and click on the number of registrantsScreen Shot 2016-06-08 at 1.28.24 PM
  4. Select “Enter Payments” at the top/right
  5. Search for the person whose payment is in your hand (or on your desk, or wherever it may be).  The search will only allow you to pull from names of individuals who are registered, so if you’re looking for Bill Smith it will only pull up the Bill Smith who is registered not his father or his son who may also be named Bill Smith.
  6. Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 1.31.42 PMIn the pop up box:
    1. Enter the date of the payment received
    2. In the memo line, type “Cash” for cash, “Check #____” for a check or “Scholarship” if you’re updating the balance with a scholarship amount (for instance if Joe is receiving a $50 scholarship you’ll enter a payment for that amount then a separate payment or payments for what Joe pays toward his registration)
    3. In the payment amount enter the amount of that payment
  7. Click Process payment
  8. Now go turn that money in with a green sheet!

And it’s that simple! You’re done!  All of your payments are in one place and if, while you’re at the beach, a ministry leader needed to know who owed what or how much had been received – someone else could look that information up for you so you!