I cannot contain my excitement (call me a database nerd, go ahead)… thanks to Claudia’s great question we stumbled upon a simple way to review your volunteer lists and see who is NOT background checked and who is! 

Gone are the days of running a report to have to finger out which volunteers are NOT on the list (the old way of checking safeguards).  Now, if your volunteers are in a group (an activity group, a class or a small group) or can be pulled up by search – you can run 1 report to get a complete listing of everyone in your group’s safeguard tasks (and if they don’t have a safeguard task such as a background check, they will still show up on the report).

  1. Be sure your group is up to date (or run your search for your list)
  2. Go to People Reports
  3. Choose the Name and Special Fields reportSafeguard Report img 1.png
  4. Click customize
  5. Select your group using the “Filter” option (or alternatively choose “Use last search results” under SearchResults in the bottom right corner)Safeguard Report img2
  6. Add special fields that you’d like displayed on your report.
    1. Consider adding the person’s age if you’re likely to have volunteers under the age of 18.  We cannot run background checks on minors which makes it helpful for you to see that a person is a minor and doesn’t need a background check.  If the person does not have an age, it is because we do not have a  complete birthdate on record.Safeguard Report img3
  7. Select the Safeguard tasks you’d like displayed on your report (no need to search through safeguards that don’t apply such as driving church vehicle for an event that is onsite and does not require drivers).
  8. Click preview
  9. Once your results are up, you can save your report for future use, email yourself a .pdf or excel copy (as well as other formats), or print it straight from there.

If you do come across people with expired background checks (3 years old or older), please contact Amy Joyner to determine how to handle the situation.