There are generally 3 types of groups:

  1. Classes: This is generally a Sunday morning class such as Westover Kids classes or LifeCommunities
  2. Activities: This is generally a midweek group such a a Bible Study or Care & Support Group
  3. Small Groups: This can be used for small groups, but at this time we do not use it to manage small groups for adults.

Managing people’s involvement in groups is vital as it helps us be sure folks are connected, equip leaders, and “close the back door” (also known as keeping people from slipping between the cracks)

When a person is assigned to a group, they are given a status within that group:

Member vs. Prospect:

We do not use “Prospect” therefore, new members will be listed as Member


Each group type can have its own list of positions.  Here’s an example of how LifeCommunities are set up:

  • Visitor to the class: A person who is new to the class, is not “connected” and not attending “regularly”
  • Assimilation: Do not use this. It is an old position that we no longer use
  • Associate: This is a person who wants to remain on the roster (voluntarily) of a class in order to receive updates and communication, but they do not attend the class on regular basis
  • Participant: A person who attends the class on a regular basis (most likely the bulk of the roster will be participants)
  • Leader Positions:
    • Leadership – a person who serves in a leadership capacity but does not use MyWestover for attendance, pulling rosters or communicating.  For instance, may be a hospitality leader
    •  Teacher – a person who teaches regularly in the class
    • Leadership Small Groups – Do not use (old, no longer in use)
    • Leadership Local Missions – Do not use (old, no longer in use)
    • LC Leader – Do not use (old, no longer in use)
    • Team Leader – a person within the leadership team who uses MyWestover to access the group (attendance, emails, rosters, etc.)
    •  Team Leader-Attendance – Do not use (old, no longer in use)