Did you know… when you have an event that costs a significant amount you can easily manage payments for all participants?


Deposits allow us to charge a reasonable amount to hold someone’s spot. The deposit amount should be enough that the person is truly committed to coming, but not so much that it makes it difficult for them to register early. For example, students attending a camp, may be expected to pay a $100 deposit of the $400 balance.

No Refunds After

When setting up a registration you, you can set a deadline for refunds.  The registrant will be required to acknowledge the date refund cut off date as they register.  This is helpful for events such as retreats where we must pay for a person’s lodging or food whether or not they attend. Generally, it is best to set the refund cut off date the day the final headcount is due to the facility you’re using.  If a person must cancel after this date, they are not entitled to a refund.  If on a case-by-case basis a refund is needed (say an attendee is suddenly diagnosed with cancer and is hospitalized for treatment), the ministry leader can request a refund by check from the finance team.

Tracking payments

When an event costs money, it’s important to track each person’s payment. By adding all payments to ACS you will:

  • Be able to track all balances in one place
    • This allows you to see what has come in and what is outstanding
    • This also allows the registrant to log in and see what they owe
  • Make receipts available
    • Providing a receipt for payment shows the registrant that we have received their money and applied it appropriately.
    • Staff are able to print off a receipt for the user (great for mailing to someone)
    • Registrants are able to log in and print off a receipt from home

If a cash or check payment is received, a staff member simply notes the payment in Access ACS, and turns the cash or check in to Tonya or Ginger.  No need to keep multiple spreadsheets or sticky notes!

Balances Due

When a registrant owes money it can be time consuming and challenging to track down the balance due.  When you have 100 people who owe money, it can be an endless task!  By using Access ACS to track payments, you can easily follow up with folks who owe a balance due, and using the stock email (0r by writing your own if you prefer) you can provide to all registrants at once, an update of the payment amount(s) received, the balance due and a link for folks to log in and pay their balance.

Did you hear that? PEOPLE CAN LOG IN AND MAKE A PAYMENT – no more requesting checks from 50 people and hoping they turn them in and mark the memo line… let your registrants make payments from home!