From time to time, we receive mail that’s been returned back to us as undeliverable.  When this happens, the little mice jump on the wheel and spin some gears that turn some cogs and ACS is magically updated…Okay that’s not really true… here’s the real story:

When mail is returned, a few staff members will go through ACS to verify if the person the mail was addressed to is still active at Westover.  If they are not, those staff members will mark the person as inactive and update their ACS profile accordingly.  If the addressee does appear to be an active participant at Westover, the returned items are given to the ministry that person is most involved in.  The admin for that ministry then takes responsibility for updating the profile as follows:

  1. Update the address if possible – if the return label has a new address, simply update the address in ACS and then do step 4.
  2. Contact the person to get an accurate mailing address:
    1. This can be done by email or phone.  To contact someone by email, simply send an email such as (yes, you can copy and paste this):

      We recently sent you information by mail, but were surprised to have it returned to us as undeliverable.  If you’ve recently moved or changed your mailing address, would you please take a moment to log in to MyWestover and click on I Want to View… My Complete Profile to update your contact information? Alternatively, you can reply to me and let me know your mailing address and contact information.  Thank you for getting back to us on this.

      **If you have a large stack of names to contact, use Access ACS to send your email (go to Groups, choose the activity or class and select the names of the people you’ll be sending it to.  Then click “I Want To…Send a message”  and click “Go” in the upper right-hand corner).


    2. Call the person
  3. Update ACS
    1. If the addressee visits MyWestover to change their address, a change request will be created.  Tamy reviews and accepts change requests frequently.  Once the change request has been approved, the new address will appear in ACS as the current address
    2. If the address needs to be updated manually, simply follow these instructions.
  4. Destroy the returned mail – if it is outdated, or nonessential (such as a mailer for an old event).  Please shred any sensitive information, and recycle the rest.  If the piece of mail is critical, resend it to the correct address.

If you believe the person/family is not active at Westover  please make a note on the piece of mail and pop it in Tamy’s mailbox. Tamy will further investigate and will make the appropriate changes in ACS. Do not change their memberhsip status.