We’re ditching the question “Do you attend Westover?” on event registrations – because we’ve found a better way to ask the question that will help us gather better information about our registrants. 

Up until now we’ve always asked “Do you attend Westover?” on registrations but effective now – we’re moving a new question:

Tell us about your church experience:

Tell us about your church experience: 

Followed by a list of options:

  • I do not attend church
  • I attend Westover
  • I attend another church

By asking the question in this way, we can figure out how many folks are we reaching that might not otherwise hear the gospel.  And, it’s an opportunity to reach out and invite them.  Additionally, it’s more welcoming than asking if the person is part of the “in-crowd” (insider mentality).

If you’re wondering why this question matters in the first place – it helps to know who is a part of Westover and who is joining us for an event so we can keep our data.  After all, we don’t want to overwhelm folks with emails and communication about Westover if they don’t call Westover home.