Learn the basics of navigating people profiles in ACS

Search for a person

  • People Profiles 1
    Figure 1

    You are now looking at the “Workbench” (Figure 1)

  • You can use the search bar in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.
    to search for a person by last name. You may search with any of the following formats:

    • Last name only
    • Last name, first name
    • Last name, first initial
    • Part of a last name
  • You can also click on the arrow to the right of
    People Profiles 2
    Figure 2

    the name search bar to open the search window (figure 2) and use additional search methods such as searching by:

    • Address (top of the search box)
    • Phone/Email (top of the search box)
    • Family/Last Name/First Name (Choose how you want the list sorted by at the bottom of search box then type criteria in at top)
      • If you choose to serach by family, type in one family member’s name and all family members wihtin that household will be displayed
      • If you change the “sort list by” method it may delete the search criteria youv’e entered at the top so you may need to retype that.
    • Once you find the person you are loking for, you have a few options:
      • screen-shot-2016-09-29-at-8-50-41-am
        Figure 3

        Use the address and phone number at the bottom of the search screen

      • If you’d like to view more information on the search page, right click to customize the information visible on this screen (Figure 3)
      • Alternatively, you can double click the person’s name to view their complete profile (figure g)