Within the profile, you can view a person’s personal information including:

  • Contact Information (name, address, phone)
  • Personal information:

  • Goes by name (preferred name)
  • Date of birth
  • Marital Status
  • Gender
  • Member Status:
    • Member – have been approved by the elders
    •  Attendee – attends regularly, but has not gone through the member process.
    •  Non-attendee – ex.) for spouse who is in ACS but does not attend
    • Visitor – has given Response Card info, or checked in at Children’s Ministry
    •  Contributor – one who contributes but does not attend
    • Program Participant – ex.) child who attends AWANA, or an adult who attends Divorce Care but does not attend Westover OR Ministry volunteer that does not attend Westover (Treehouse)

From this front page of the profile you can navigate to additional details such as:Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 12.31.46 PM


  • View family members listed in the same household, their positions and ages (when available)
  • View other relationships (when a person is linked to someone in another household such as a grandparent)

Additional Fields

  • Baptism date
  • Allergies & Special Needs
  •  Reason deactivated
  • Missionary Information
  • T-shirt size (primarily used by students)
  • Important dates such as when they attended Newcomers, baptism date, membership date, etc.
  •  Drivers License Number (used for volunteers responsible for driving others)
  • Addresses (both household and individual if applicable)

Contact Information

  •           Phone number(s)
  •           Email
  •           Social media (if applicable)
  •           Preferred contact method


  • Personal & family
  • May include details about the person that will help staff with future interactions
  •  Includes previous address change information (entered manually when an address is changed


  • Involvement including Groups & Activities (classes, small groups, etc.)
  • By default only shows current groups.  To view previous change the “Effective Date” or select “Show All”


Displays family and individual pictures which can be uploaded by staff or by the individual (via MyWestover)

Label Names

  • Displays the way the name(s) is displayed for mailings
  • Connections
  • Connections that have been established for the person or household
  •  Connection status (complete, incomplete, past due, etc.)


  • Background checks
  • Serving Application status
  • Approval to serve