A large part of working in a a database is data integrity. In order to keep our data accurate and up to date, it’s essential we follow the same procedure and standards across the board.

Data integrity is a fundamental component of information security. In its broadest use, “data integrity” refers to the accuracy and consistency of data stored in a database, data warehouse, data mart or other construct.

Adress Changes

When a person or family’s address changes, we may learn about it in a variety of ways (most common, is the person updates MyWestover, notifies a ministry leader or mail is returned).  When necessary, staff will need to update the address in ACS as follows:

  1. Add another address under the type “previous” listing the old address
  2. Change the “home” address to the new address for the person/family

**Be sure when mailing items or using addresses on rosters that you’re always choosing the “home” address unless otherwise needed. 

Deactivating Individual or Family

If you know a person and or family has left Westover, please do update their profile.  If however, you are not absolutely certain about a person’s involvement, please forward the person’s information on to Tamy. There are a number of criteria that we look at before making someone inactive, and having these reviewed by the database admin is essential to being sure all criteria are met. 

If you are deactivating an entire family you must complete the following steps for each person

  1. Mark Inactive box for all family members
  2. On head of household’s profile:
    1. Additional Fields Tab
    2. Choose Reason Deactivated
  3. Add a comment: On the comments tab, add a “Staff comment” stating the reason for the change.

Additional Notes:

If The Person Has Moved Out of Area

Add a comment:

  1. Add new address for family
  2. Add family comment for former address:
    • choose comment type: Address change
    • add copy: ex.) …from 123 Elm St. Greensboro – RP

If someone has passed away:

  1. Mark Inactive box on the personal profile page
  2. Select the additional fields tab
  3. Under reason deactivated, select “Deceased”
  4. Under the comments tab, explain in a family comment

**If surviving spouse remarries, before entering new spouse, mark family position of deceased spouse as ‘other.’ Since they are deactivated, this will not show up on check-in or in any mailing search, but we will still have their history.