When we do a large mailing, we often get a number of times returned.  This is a great opportunity to clean up our data.  Learn what to do with returned mail! 

When mail is returned, it should follow these steps:

  1. Returned pieces are given to either the direct ministry who sent the mailing or to Tamy.
    1. At this level, the first step is to verify if the recipient is “active” or not.
  2. Once it’s been determined if the person is active or not, the record needs to be updated:
    1. If the person is active:
      1. Their profile should be updated by the ministry they are most involved with. Click here for more information on what this entails.
      2. The ministry who sent the mail should determine if the mailer should be sent again.
    2. If the person is inactive:
      1. They should be dropped from all activities they are involved in.
      2. Their address should be updated if possible.  If a new address is not available, their current address should be changed to “previous”.