We’ve recently received an upgrade to our ACS Support. ┬áCalls from Westover are not routed to a senior support specialist. I believe you will find this change to be extremely helpful when you do reach out to support.

If you’re new to calling ACS support, don’t be shy! It’s easy to do and our new access to senior support specialists makes it even easier to find the answers you’re looking for!

The phone number is 800-669-2509. You’ll also need our site number: 096-308. ┬áPersonally, I find it helpful to keep a support log – each time I call, I make notes in my log so all the information I need is in one place. If you’d like to create your own log, you an print off copies of the ACS Support Notebook┬ápages that I use, and add a cover and staple or bind yours.