There’s been a lot of talk lately about HOW we clean up the database and WHO we make inactive or remove from ACS.  Please take a moment to read this brief update on the matter. It is essential that we keep our data clean. We should know who is involved, how they’re involve and who is not involved at Westover.  I am currently working with a few different ministry areas to create a definition of who is active and who is inactive.  Then you add to it that from time to time, we need to delete records from ACS as well.  Given the many factors that must be weighed, every ACS user should follow these steps to flag someone for review.  I will then review the individual and determine if they should be made inactive or deleted (or left active).

  1. Go to the person’s profile and look under groups & activities for recent  involvement
  2. If they or their family members do not appear to be involved (or if in unusual cases, you know they are not involved such as they have moved, or notified you that they are not involved), add the person to the “Inactive group” (Activities > Communication > Inactive). Be sure to select the “role” – if you believe they should be made inactive, or deleted. Save this change
  3. Click on the comments tab – add a personal comment to the profile with the date and the reason they have been added to the list. Save this change.
  4. I will periodically review the names on the Inactive list and determine how to proceed with each person.

A few things to remember:

  • Please do NOT change the person’s name or delete any information in their profile.
  • It is essential that you list a comment including your initials
  • There are a number of criteria we take into consideration when making someone inactive. Please do not mark someone as inactive or remove them from groups (classes or activities) that are not in your ministry area. Doing so affects many other things and can cause great confusion.

If you know of a duplicate person, please put the duplicate (the profile that should be removed) on the inactive list with the role “merge”.  I will merge these with matching individuals on a regular basis. 

Thank you for your help to keep our database clean!


Sidenote – this process is only for People Suite and not for Access ACS (if you are curious as to why, ask me, and I’d be happy to explain).