We have purchased a one-year subscription to ACS live webinar training.  This is a great opportunity for any ACS user to receive personalized training on specific topics.  Please check the training page each month and register for any webinars that would benefit you.

  1. When you register for any of the live webinars, you will be prompted with this question below on the registration form.  Make sure you choose “Yes – We’re on the plan!”
    Our site number is 096 308
  2. The webinars are not available as a recording, so please continue to look at the schedule for upcoming webinars.
  3. Make sure you bookmark this page: http://portal.acstechnologies.com/acs/training/live-webinars  – We will be adding new webinars throughout the year.
  4. If multiple people are attending the same webinar, they will need to register using their unique email addresses.
  5. Your Site will automatically be renewed and re-billed at the end of the subscription period.  If you should choose to discontinue this service, just simply send us an email totraining@acstechnologies.com