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Prayer Requests in ACS

As you’ve probably noticed, prayer requests (from response cards) are being entered in ACS.  The benefits of this are many:

  • We can simply run a report to share and distribute prayer needs
  • Staff and volunteers (some) can view those requests in the person’s profile which allows us the following:
    • The ability to see more about the person in their profile
    • Pastors can access information on the Church Life App
    • Provides a prayer need history
    • All of the above contribute to better ministering to individuals and families

As part of this – we have 2 comment types: Prayer Requests and Prayer Req. Inter.  The difference is requests under the “Inter.” comment type are to be included in the Intercessor.

If you know of someone with a specific request that is not time sensitive, feel free to add the comment to ACS (under the appropriate comment type) and when I (Tamy) run the report each week it will be added to the prayer request report which is then sent to staff.


Incomplete Addresses

When someone provides an incomplete address, please enter it in ACS as the address type “Incomplete”.  If you discover an address is incomplete, please change it to this address type.

Mailings should never include the incomplete address type.

Registration Links

Need to send someone the link to a registration? Not sure where to find it? Look no more! Continue reading “Registration Links”

When is someone removed from ACS?

There’s been a lot of talk lately about HOW we clean up the database and WHO we make inactive or remove from ACS.  Please take a moment to read this brief update on the matter.  Continue reading “When is someone removed from ACS?”

Working With People Suite Report Data

Once you run a report, it’s important to know how to export the report into a usable format.  Here are some helpful tips on formats. Continue reading “Working With People Suite Report Data”

Facility Scheduler 101: Creating a Reservation

Facility Scheduler allows us reserve space, resources & avoid double bookings as well as offer online registration for events. Learn how to use FS with this tutorial including:

Creating a reservation
Managing Bookings
Recurring Events

Continue reading “Facility Scheduler 101: Creating a Reservation”

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