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Training & Best Practices

General Computer Tutorials

Discover tips & tricks for working more efficiently on your computer!


Set up Browser Tabs

Keyboard Shortcuts

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User Guides & ACS Help

You can access the ACS help web content by visiting: Continue reading “User Guides & ACS Help”

Registration Links

Need to send someone the link to a registration? Not sure where to find it? Look no more! Continue reading “Registration Links”

Add custom messages to registration confirmations

Did you know, you can add a custom message to your registration confirmation?

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Microsoft Office Tutorials

Check out these handy tutorial links!

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When is someone removed from ACS?

There’s been a lot of talk lately about HOW we clean up the database and WHO we make inactive or remove from ACS. ¬†Please take a moment to read this brief update on the matter.¬† Continue reading “When is someone removed from ACS?”

ACS Support

We’ve recently received an upgrade to our ACS Support. Continue reading “ACS Support”

Church Life App

We’ve got an app for that! Continue reading “Church Life App”

Updating shared OnDemand Passwords

Time to change your OnDemand password? Continue reading “Updating shared OnDemand Passwords”

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