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data integrity

Updating Contact Info

A large part of working in a a database is data integrity. In order to keep our data accurate and up to date, it’s essential we follow the same procedure and standards across the board. Continue reading “Updating Contact Info”


Navigating Personal Profiles

Within the profile, you can view a person’s personal information including:

  • Contact Information (name, address, phone)
  • Personal information:

Continue reading “Navigating Personal Profiles”

Ditching the question: Do you attend Westover?

We’re ditching the question “Do you attend Westover?” on event registrations – because we’ve found a better way to ask the question that will help us gather better information about our registrants.  Continue reading “Ditching the question: Do you attend Westover?”

Returned Mail: Updating Addresses

From time to time, we receive mail that’s been returned back to us as undeliverable.  When this happens, the little mice jump on the wheel and spin some gears that turn some cogs and ACS is magically updated…Okay that’s not really true… here’s the real story: Continue reading “Returned Mail: Updating Addresses”

An Overview of Groups in ACS

There are generally 3 types of groups:

  1. Classes: This is generally a Sunday morning class such as Westover Kids classes or LifeCommunities
  2. Activities: This is generally a midweek group such a a Bible Study or Care & Support Group
  3. Small Groups: This can be used for small groups, but at this time we do not use it to manage small groups for adults.

Continue reading “An Overview of Groups in ACS”

Address Changes

It’s important that we keep old addresses for people (whenever possible) for at least 2 years.  This helps our finance team immensely – therefore anytime an address needs to be changed in ACS – please make sure to note the old address: Continue reading “Address Changes”

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