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Naming Events in Facility Scheduler

When creating an event in Facility Scheduler, it’s important to use the proper name format.  It may seem cumbersome to you, but it makes a huge impact to the user trying to find the event they’re looking for as well as helping us research old information in event reports and such.

The proper way to name an event is:

Ministry Name: Activity/Event Name  Season Continue reading “Naming Events in Facility Scheduler”


ACS Training Videos

Ever wish there were tutorials or training videos to help you with ACS? Well there are!   Continue reading “ACS Training Videos”

Excel Tips

Excel 101:

Official Excel Tutorial Videos

Beginner User (PDF)

For tips on sorting/sifting/utilizing excel data, check out these tutorials:

Sorting data

Filtering data (looking only at specific answers/criteria)

Calculate age from DOB

Easily convert rows to columns and vice versa

If you have additional tips, tutorials, etc… please email Tamy with the instructions or a link to instructions.

Taking ACS to the next level:

Did you know… ACS has an enhancements user forum? And… online training videos? Continue reading “ACS User Forums”

Did you know… you can easily get to Access ACS and MyWestover by using the address

Quick Tip: Editing Profiles

Did you know, that in People Suite you can easily view and/or edit an individuals profile from a group (class/activity/small group)  list or a search results list?

When looking at your list, go to the individual whose profile you’d like to access and right click then select view/edit.


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